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Arbour Mosaics 

We love bringing art into the garden, especially when it brings our community

together in a fun project! Inspired and driven by Sally Herzfeld,

our arbour mosaics project is both practical and beautiful.

Commencing in April 2022, Treetops Montessori, Helena College, Darlington Primary School and HOSCA have all contributed staff time and equipment, so that students could enjoy being involved. Carol Mirco, generously contributed to slab making and assisted Saturday morning workshops alongside Sally as a skilled adviser. These sessions brought together families, community members and local businesses and instilled a sense of achievement in those who

decorated a slab, leaving a lasting legacy within our community garden.

We would also like to acknowledge the generous donations made by the Bendigo Bank ($ 5,000 grant), the Shire of Mundaring ($ 2,000 matching grant), and the Darlington Club for their $1,000 donation which literally "paved" the way for this project's realisation.

Check out the images below for how we've planned and laid out the 

mosaics around the border of the Grand Arbour. 

Mosaic Border
Mosaics build 0.jpg
Mosaics build 1_edited.jpg
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