About Us

Darlington Community Garden is a local community garden, located right in the heart of Darlington.  A group of volunteers have been working since 2018 to create the foundations for our garden - liaising with the Shire of Mundaring to secure a lease, fundraising and securing grants for the garden, working on the drainage and soil, writing a constitution, and building our beautiful arbour.  


We are now at the point where we can build our garden beds, in readiness for planting as soon as the weather allows. Our hope is that the community garden will become a meeting place for the community,  where we can work together to grow healthy organic produce, encourage each other in living more sustainably and caring for our precious environment, and where  community members will feel a sense of belonging and connection with others.


Please join us! We would love to have you involved. 


Join us in the garden

Our community garden will be open twice a week for a busy bee, initially to establish our garden beds and soil, and then to plant our veggies and fruit trees and care for the garden.


Busy bees are every Wednesday evening from 5pm and every Saturday morning from 8am. 

Whatever your gardening knowledge, you will be welcome!  


To be active in the community garden, you will need to be a member (so that you are covered by insurance). 

Vegetable Picking

DCG Committee


Our 2021 AGM was held on Sunday 28th November at the Darlington Pavilion.









The following committee members were elected:

Chair:   Louise Stelfox

Vice Chair:   Susie Itzstein

Treasurer:   Rosie Logie

Secretary:   Trish Cook

Horticulture and Design Team Leader:   Alison Atkinson

Membership Team Leader:   Catherine Doherty

Events and Education Team Leaders:   Shane Bailey and Shelton Huettig

Sustainability Team Leader:   Winsome Santa Maria

Communications Team Leader:   Sonja Parker

General Committee Members:     Karen Davies, Kate Herren and Sally Herzfeld.


A huge thank you to everyone who attended the AGM and to those who have been willing to take committee roles and to become part of the working groups .  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of any of the working groups.


And a special thank you to Catherine Rose from Empire Pastry for supplying us with wonderful food.

To view the 2021  AGM minutes, please click here:  


Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are held on the last Friday of the month at the Darlington Pavilion, from 12.30 - 2.30pm. Any member is welcome to attend a committee meeting. Please see the list of meeting dates below:

  • January 28

  • February 25

  • March 25

  • April 29

  • May 27

  • June 24

  • July 29

  • August 26

  • September 30

  • October 28

  • November 25

Members are also welcome  to read a copy of the minutes from any committee meetings. Please contact the DCG secretary (via our contacts page) to receive a copy of the minutes.