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Welcome to Darlington Community Garden

Where we're growing plants and community!

Vision and Objectives

Our VISION is that Darlington Community Garden (DCG) is a welcoming and harmonious place, accessible to everyone, that promotes community connection, well-being and sustainability. 

The OBJECTIVES of our community garden are to:

  • Encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by growing fruit and vegetables according to organic/permaculture principles and demonstrating how to grow produce.

  • Demonstrate and encourage the principles of sustainability.

  • Provide a community base for local sharing of produce and other reusable resources.

  • Foster a sense of place, belonging and cultural understanding, by acknowledging the traditional custodians of this area in a spirit of reconciliation, healing and learning.

  • Provide a welcoming place in the community open to anyone at any time, encouraging the development of a supportive, diverse and connected community.

  • Encourage youth, adult and environmental education. 

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